Vine Vera Review

Yes, I admit it. I am a skin and beauty freak. Little blemishes freak me out and I am always overprotective of my skin. I love to read about skin care and beauty in my free time and I have also become the beauty expert for my entire group. Checking product labels, asking questions to which none of those store salespeople have answers to, these are the things that I love the most.

Vine Vera product view

One of my friends was so impressed with the Vine Vera store that she begged me to go and give them a try. P.S. She’d already bought those products and she was wondering whether she’d made a sound investment or not. And when I came to learn that she had spent $500 on the products, I obliged.

Off I went on my Vine Vera journey. Hopefully to leave a few more salespeople speechless. I entered the Vine Vera store and it presented me with an opulent surrounding and beautiful decors. Yeah yeah. You guys call yourselves a luxury brand. So I pretty much expected luxury in the store. The thing that mattered was what you did in those products.

The moment I entered the store, I was greeted by a friendly sales girl who began to talk about skin products. Me, being my usual self, threw her off with a question about some recent study which mentioned that resveratrol in food had proved to be ineffective. And she actually got quite put off. My point. But, she recovered quite fast as well. She immediately called her supervisor. Now, this was the time for me to be impressed. Yes. Me. I WAS impressed.

Hey, this is cheating. Who hires specialist skin care experts in their store? Not fair! She immediately shut me up with details about another study which proved that topical applications of Resveratrol were the most effective way of using the ingredient. She even told me about my skin issues and the mistakes that I am most probably making with my routine by asking me just 5 questions. Now this is something. She was way over my league. I really must think twice before acting smarty pants the next time.

Vine Vera Shiraz Instentic Collection

Anyways, she impressed me so much with her knowledge that I gave in and agreed for a facial. Well, actually, it was for free. So it didn’t hurt to get pampered. My impression about these guys changed the moment those products touched my skin. I have been to some of the best parlors in Houston, but these products were something else. They made me feel soooo relaxed. After 30 minutes of pampering, they gave me a mirror to check out my the effects and for the first time in my life, I think I was speechless.

How. How can a product give such results in a single application? What do you guys put in these products? Extraterrestrial materials? I had no idea that earthly products could be soooo effective. I wish someone kicked me in the butt for not finding about them earlier. I bought an entire collection for myself immediately and have been using it religiously. I also remembered to call my friend and tell her that she’s in good hands and that I just ended up spending $1000 at the store.

Well, pinches a bit, but hey, the products are too cool. Game, set, match to Vine Vera.