• Unearthing Top Class Locations In Houston Offering Delightful Experience

    View Of Houston

    There have been rapid developments in Houston that has made it a great tourist spot to visit. There is a great influence of Mexican culture here, which always attracts the visitors. Besides, there are some stunningly beautiful locations that are a treat to watch. So, here are some of these top class locations in Houston that are worth exploring.

    University Of St. Thomas

    University of St. Thomas was designed by Philip Johnson, the innovative and talented architect from America. The statuesque Chapel and historic houses adorn this beautiful 70-year-old structure.

    The Harris County Courthouse

    The Harris County Courthouse is situated right at the center of the Downtown. A major restoration was carried out in 2011 in an attempt to beautify this exquisite hundred-year-old courthouse.

    Bayou Bend Gardens

    Bayou Bend Gardens came up with the efforts of Miss Ima Hogg and her siblings, who left no stone unturned for transforming the natural woodlands into a stunningly beautiful secret garden spanning 14 acres of area.

    Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

    Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park was earlier known by the name Williams Waterfall. It is a mesmerizing 64 ft cascading fountain that is flanked by live oaks. It is a perfect spot to click photographs while enjoying the cool breeze.

    Rice University Campus

    A visit to this century old campus leaves one completely elevated and mesmerized, as visitors are invariably impressed by the unmistakable neo-Byzantine architecture of the place. The place is characterized by towering and hypnotizing oak trees, along with springtime azaleas.

    San Jacinto Monument

    San Jacinto Monument enjoys the distinction of being the tallest monument column in the world with the height of 567.31 feet. It is a National Historic Landmark that commemorates battle of San Jacinto. The monument has that great visual appeal that never fails to impress the visitors.

    St. Paul Methodist

    St. Paul Methodist is a neo-Gothic church located on corner of Binz and Main Street. Visitors are invariably put into a trance after visiting this calming spot.

    James Turrell’s Skyspace

    James Turrell’s Skyspace is located on the campus of Rice University, just adjacent to Shepherd School of Music. Tourists are always intrigued and enchanted by the pyramidal structure of this acoustically engineered building.

    Sam Houston Park

    Sam Houston Park is a great location in Houston that stands testimony to the pre-revolution Victorian-styled homes. These authentic buildings spread out in 20 acres of area offer truly unique experience to tourists. One could always go for guided tours of the area that are organised by the Heritage Society.

    Discovery Green

    Discovery Green is an urban park spanning 12-acre area. The spot is characterized by hundred-year old oak trees, and breathtaking art installations that look stunningly beautiful in the backdrop of towering and amazing Houston Skyline. Above all, this urban space has truly redefined Houston Downtown’s landscape.

    City Hall

    City Hall epitomizes great classical architecture, and is located in the serene surroundings, as it is flanked by Houston Public Library and Tranquil Park. The building was designed by talented and innovative architect Joseph Finger from Austria. The unique and intriguing design of the building is a real treat to watch.

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