• Unearthing Beautiful Spots In The Vicinity Of Houston

    View Of Rockport Beach

    There are gorgeous spots in the vicinity of Houston that about in natural beauty. One is greeted with a number of marvellous things and places like prehistoric limestone caverns, 367 miles coastline, spectacular colonial missions, etc that are worth exploring. So, one could always feel exhilarated after visiting these stunning spots. Some of these incredible places are included here.

    Rockport Beach

    Rockport Beach is a tranquil place that has crystal clear surf. Moreover, it enjoys the distinction of being first Blue Wave Beach in the state. People are invariably entranced by the hypnotizing atmosphere of the place as they are greeted by cool breeze and spectacular views of the surroundings.

    Guadalupe River State Park

    The gorgeous Guadalupe River State Park is located in New Braunfels. The place is surrounded by sycamore, bald cypress, and pecan trees. Moreover, there are the fascinating rugged limestone bluffs as well. Visitors enjoy the laid-back life here, and they could do a number of activities here including kayaking, rafting, etc.

    San Antonio Missions

    San Antonio Missions represent the Spanish colonial missions. One is amazed to locate breathtaking beauts at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park including San Juan, San Jose, Concepcion, and Espada, to name a few.

    South Padre Island

    South Padre Island is an exceptional island with pristine white sands and clearest and gorgeous emerald waters. It is a spectacular beachfront that brings Texas to the world map. Moreover, Isla Blanca Park’s beach is a completely unspoiled beach. People can refresh and reinvigorate themselves at this incredible spot.

    Santa Elena Canyon Rio Grande

    Big Bend enjoys the distinction of being one of USA’s largest national parks. And, as it doesn’t attract a huge number of tourists annually, so, people can always enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here. Big Bend spans whopping 800,000 acres of area and offers unlimited fun and excitement. Moreover, the best part is the Santa Elena Canyon, which is one of the most scenic and serene spots in the entire country. This enormous Canyon separates Mexico from the US.


    Galveston is always considered as a historic spot that has a rich cultural heritage; however, apart from this, the place is thoroughly amazing and beautiful. People are amazed to locate the mesmerizing 19,000 sq ft gigantic Victorian-style house structure here that is bedecked with bronze dragons, and stained-glass windows. It is commonly known as Gresham’s Castle. The intriguing fact about the castle is that it managed to survive the fury of the great hurricane that appeared in 1900. So, people could always visit the spot to see this marvel standing amidst exhilarating and elevating natural environment.

    Garner State Park

    Garner State Park is located in Concan and spans 1774 acre area. People are always stunned to find great scenic and natural spots here including deep canyons, limestone cliffs, and clear and pristine streams. The place offers a much sought after respite from the hectic life of people.

    Boca Chica Beach

    Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville is a completely isolated spot that offers such desolate and tranquil surroundings to the visitors. People love to camp here amidst these restful surroundings.

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