• Understanding Diverse Cultures In Houston By Exploring Religious Places Of Worship

    View Of An Church

    Houston has always been a great tourist destination. Tourists are always interested in finding more about the diverse cultures in Houston. Houston has a mix of various cultures. And, one of the ways of understanding the diversity in cultures is by exploring the religious places of worship built by people from various backgrounds. So, here is a list of some of these places, which could certainly help tourists in exploring the city from a different perspective.

    St. John Church

    St. John Church is located in Sam Houston Park, and it got built in 1891 with efforts of German farmers. It got moved to Sam Houston Park in 1968. The place has always attracted a lot of people from diverse backgrounds as they are always enchanted by simple yet elegant architecture, and overpowering atmosphere of the place.

    Antioch Baptist Church

    Antioch Baptist Church has historic significance, since it happens to be the foremost brick structure being owned and made by African-Americans who are living in Houston. It was designed by an African-American as well, and his name was Richard Allen. Allen was also the member of Texas Legislature. The church was expanded in 1890 when second story was added to it. A large number of people come here to worship now.

    Christ Church Cathedral

    Christ Church Cathedral got established way back in 1839, and has the distinction of being Houston’s oldest congregation. A lot of tourists as well as locals pay visit to the church.

    Annunciation Catholic Church

    Annunciation Catholic Church is very popular among the masses, and it is also included in the list of ‘National Register of Historic Places.’ Also, it is Houston’s second oldest Catholic Church. It took around 8 years to complete the church, and it was only in 1874 that it got completed.

    First Evangelical Lutheran

    First Evangelical Lutheran Church has been there in Midtown, ever since 1927; although, it got founded way before that in 1851, when it was located in downtown Houston.

    Annunciation Hellenic Eastern Orthodox Church

    Annunciation Hellenic Eastern Orthodox Church came up with the efforts of the Annunciation Community in 1917. However, it had to be moved out of the city as the city was being expanded. Moreover, the membership of the church was expanding as well. So, all this prompted Annunciation Community to erect yet another building for the church, and then, the church was built in Yoakum Boulevard in the year 1952.

    St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

    St. Martin’s Episcopal Church is a massive church that has great popularity among the people here. So much so, that it is the largest church in the entire country when it comes to number of people attending the church weekly. Moreover, it is USA’s second largest parish as well. Rev. J Thomas Bagby founded the church in 1952. Well-known personalities have been the members of church, including former President of the United States George H.W. Bush, as well as First Lady Barbara Bush to name a few.

    So, there are a lot of places of worship in Houston which a person could visit in order to learn more about various communities in Houston.

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