• Topmost Hotel Restaurants In Houston That Offer Sumptuous Food

    View Of Sumptuous Food

    Houston is a place that attracts a lot of tourists all the year round. People are attracted by the curious reflection of the Mexican culture here, and they certainly experience a different shade here than the rest of the country. There are a number of tourist spots here, and the tourism industry has also appropriately grown here to accommodate the rising number of tourists. The best part is that there are a number of hotels in Houston that are able to attract tourists just because of the food that they offer. So, people come back again to the hotels in order to enjoy the sumptuous meal offered at the restaurants. Some of such amazing hotel restaurants in Houston are included here.

    Restaurant Line And Lariat In Hotel Icon

    It is one of the finest boutique restaurants in Texas that is famous for providing excellent quality food. The restaurant called the ‘Line and Lariat’ restaurant is famous for offering a wide range of contemporary dishes of Texas including filet mignon that is served along with onion rajas, grilled pork tenderloin that is chile-marinated, and then there is the blackened salmon as well that is served along with roasted tomato cream.

    Restaurant Noe Grill In Omni Houston Hotel

    The cuisine at this hotel is globally inspired as one could eat varied sorts of dishes including curried lobster carbonara, the Asian dish called the pork-belly tacos, etc.

    Restaurant Radio Milano In Hotel Sorella

    The hotel is among the award-winning hotels and offers glimpses of European styled design. Its restaurant is equally chic too as one would now be able to dine in two storeys, wherein one would be able to taste exclusive Italian cuisine on the 2nd floor, and then, get a chance to be at the Radio Bar at the first floor. The dishes include house-made burrata that is served along with heirloom pesto and tomatoes, pheasant that is served along with pear syrup, and sour and sweet sauce.

    Restaurant Monarch In Hotel ZaZa

    The hotel is famous for its eccentric decor, and the food offered here is a mix of various cuisines as well. The best of the lot is probably the coastal cuisine, wherein one could order the tempting pan-roasted scallops, or the delicious pork chop.

    Restaurant Cinq In Hotel La Colombe D’Or

    The quaint hotel used to be a private residence before, and the restaurant of the hotel excels in providing immaculate European cuisine. One of the never-to-miss dishes is the moullard duck breasts that are cedar-smoked.

    Restaurant Quattro In Hotel Four Seasons

    Like the restaurants in the other chains of Hotel Four Seasons, this one too excels in providing quality food to the customers. Restaurant Quattro is named after the Italian word meaning ‘four’, which stands for the four types of meals and services offered here including dinner, lunch, breakfast, and a vibrant bar. The amazing dishes offered here include beef carpaccio, boneless and braised short ribs, etc.

    Restaurant Ara In Hotel Royal Sonesta

    The restaurant has recently been rebranded and is famous for offering prix fixe option at dinner, wherein one could dine by paying $33.

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