Texas Overview

Texas might conjure up images of oil wells and long horns, but it is quite urban. As urban as it gets. The state is home to some of the grandest cities in the US and some of the most sprawling suburbs as well.


Texas, the second largest state of America, is famous for its independent attitude, its own identity and a free spirit. Texas is an ideal hunting ground for any outdoor lover and adventure maniac. Texans are famous for their affections to larger-than-life things, unusual accents and generous hospitality and this reflects on the state’s culture. You can find a mixed palette of cultural experiences in the state, right from Flamenco dancers to sumptuous German feasts.

People from most other states end up loving or hating the Texans. Not that it matters to them either way. Texans are not big on holding back and they believe in speaking openly and living life large. Things might not be cheap in the major cities of Texas, but you can still find an ideal Texan holiday to suit all budgets and preferences.

Texas has a diverse landscape that is full of beautiful beaches and fields, vast deserts and majestic mountains. It unfolds countless hiking trails in each of the four national forests present here. The countryside is an idea place for horseback riding and bicycling as well. Texas doesn’t forget nature and wildlife lovers either. Padre Island is home to exotic beaches that are home to more than 350 different species of birds! Everything in Texas is bigger – right from its size to the huge buckles on those cowboy belts.


Texas is also famous for its stark contrasts. From futuristic cities to old world towns, from lush green forests to arid deserts, everything found here is literally in the extremes. The Lone Star State is also one of those places where the east is quite similar to the south. The Latino culture only comes to the fore in areas close to the Rio Grande River.

Cowboy or not, you’re bound to love every minute here. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio give you your big city charms while Alamo takes care of the historical aspects. Fort Worth is famous for its rodeos and Austin comes to the fore the moment you talk about music. This simply translates to a lot of fun, honky-tonking and exciting times.

Having a car while exploring Texas is a must. Don’t get fooled by the fact that it’s just another state. Texas covers almost 267000 sq. miles in area. This makes it larger than the whole of France. A rental car allows you to travel from one city to the other, freely explore faraway destinations and enjoy countryside towns and villages.

Some of the main attractions of Texas include the Houston Space Center, Padre Island beaches, Sea World – San Antonio, the Galveston beaches, the Duadalupe Mountains, Dallas World Aquarium, intimate experiences all along the Texan desert, the River Walk and the Big Bend National Park.