• Terrific Places To Visit In Houston With Kids

    Picture Of Lake Houston Wilderness Park

    People are spoilt for choices when it comes to the number of places that one could visit in Houston. Houston has multicultural environment as people from various different nationalities have made Houston their home. They are obviously impacted by the beauty that the place holds for them. Moreover, the proximity of Houston to Galveston Bay, enriches the Mexican culture of Houston, and provides the authentic taste of Mexico to the people residing here. So, there are a number of places that one could visit with their kids in Houston, and here is a list of the things that one could do.

    Space Center Houston

    Space Center Houston is extremely liked by the kids, as well as the grown-ups, for the first hand experience it provides regarding the way astronauts prepare themselves for facing the various challenges in space. The key attraction to the place is the tram tour that takes the visitors through to the various sections which display a plethora of genuine and authentic aerospace facilities. So, the exhibits, along with the simulated activities concerning astronaut training provided at the Center hold the attention of the audience. The kids learn regarding the problems that came in the way of developing such a fine technology for space travel, and the first hand experience ensures that they form unforgettable memories.

    Lake Houston Wilderness Park

    The Wilderness Park is spread in the area of 5,000 square miles, and is full of forests. Kids like the area since they like to do various activities here including, climbing the trees, playing in jungles, riding their bikes, and playing other fun-loving games in the woods. Moreover, the adults enjoy the kayaking and canoeing here, which is amazing since the place is amidst such natural surroundings. People like the place since they could reach here in 30 minutes, and forget about all their stress and anxieties for their period of stay here.

    Houston Zoo

    Houston Zoo saw its inception in the early 1900s. but since then it has grown in size and magnitude as it is now a home to around 900 species of animals, and a mammoth 4500 of the creatures. Children like the area since they could trek closer to the habitats of the animals and watch their real habits. Moreover, there are special underground tunnels to enhance the experience of the kids, and provide them with adventurous trip.

    Kemah Boardwalk

    Kemah Boardwalk abounds in nature’s beauty, and is just a 20 minutes drive from the downtown Houston. The whole atmosphere is so tranquil, that one feels completely rejuvenated after visiting the place. There is a recreation area spread in the 35 acre that has a number of restaurants, some amazingly attractive rides, including the roller coaster of wood, Ferris Wheel, and other attractive train rides), etc. Moreover, the boat rides are also available and they take the visitors to the bay.

    Cockrell Butterfly Center

    Houston Museum of Natural Science is the place that contains the Cockrell Butterfly Center. There is a three-storey building made in glass that has an amazing number of butterflies of various kinds. People feel really impressed by seeing such a huge collection of the exotic varieties of butterflies.

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