• Spectacular Hikes In Houston That Are A Must To Explore

    View Of Downtown Houston

    Houston is slowly becoming a great tourist spot as the authorities are making a great effort in developing this place. The best part about the city is the great mix of nature and manmade spots. So, along with a great number of museums and shopping centres here, there is an equally appealing number of natural locations that always appeal the visitors. They can certainly embark upon some of the most spectacular hikes in the world and get that ultimate relaxation that they always crave for. So, here are some of the breathtaking hikes in Houston that tourists must explore.

    Galveston Island State Park

    The park spans 2000 acre area, and is just an hour’s drive from Houston. It has countless sand dunes, wetlands, and coastal prairies. The beauty of the park is simply unsurpassed. Moreover, tourists are always greeted with a number of animals while they hike the trails, including coyotes, armadillos, and other impressive types of birds.

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Sam Houston National Forest provides a great insight into the history of civilization as it has elements which are as old as 12000 years. The forest spreads in three countries of the world. The trail here is named ‘Lone Star Hiking Trail.’

    Natural Bridge Caverns

    The cavern here was accidentally discovered in 1960 by some college students. Guided tours are offered to this spot. The experience of travelling here is simply unsurpassed.

    Big Thicket

    Big Thicket area is heavily forested as it has around 100 species of shrubs and trees. Moreover, there are around 1000 species of ferns and flowering plants as well. So, one is bound to get truly magnificent hiking experience here.

    Colorado State Bend Park

    Colorado State Bend Park spans 5000 acre of area, and has all the elements that make one relaxed and happy. For instance, there is a cave, a sinkhole, and a number of spring-side trails. Pick of the lot is a rugged hike that takes one to Gorman Falls, as besides treading the path one also gets a chance to see 60 ft high waterfall.

    Stephen F. Austin Park

    Stephen F. Austin Park is one of the most peaceful spots in Houston. It is just half an hour’s drive from a small town located on Brazos River. The place has a rich cultural heritage, and the 6mi bike and hike trail provides people a chance to explore the rich history of the area.

    Enchanted Rock

    Enchanted Rock is around 5 hours drive from Houston; but, the rewards that one gets after visiting the top are simply inexplicable. The place offers one of the most spectacular views of the surroundings. One could start hiking at dusk time in order to see some of the brightest stars in the sky.

    Bastrop State Park

    Bastrop State Park is famous for hosting the ‘Lost Pines.’ The place is famous for having hardwoods and loblolly pine.

    Palmetto State Park

    Palmetto State Park is simply 142 miles from Houston. The park boasts of having 500 species of plants which cover this marshy park. The park offers great bird watching experience.

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