• Skincare Questions You Always Asked yourself

    Skin careMany a times, our precious customers ask us questions related to aging and expect us to solve all their queries immediately. This is why we have come up with some of the most frequently asked questions related to aging and anti-wrinkle creams for women of all ages. We hope that the answers we have given below will help our customers make the right choice of Vine Vera products.

    Q1. When is the right time to start using anti-aging skin care products and Why?

    Ans. A woman must start using the right anti-aging products from as early as her late twenties. It is at this point of time that your hectic lifestyle, suntan sessions and all the junk food eaten by you will slowly start showing its negative effects and make the skin age gradually while giving it a dull look. By using the right skin care products, you can take preventive measures from the very beginning and remain your youthful self in the future and remain beautiful always.

    Q2. What are the major causes of premature aging?

    Ans. The 2 main causes of premature aging as researched by dermatologists are cumulative sun damage and a woman’s genetics. It is only with the right kind of lifestyle and use of right skin care products that a woman can slow down the rate at which her skin ages. Many women have stated that they were also able to reverse the signs of aging by eating right, living right and using the right products every day.

    Q3. When should one start taking preventive measures to stop aging?

    Ans. Women who have exposed to the harmful rays of the sun extensively by the time they reach their twenties should start using products for anti-aging without thinking twice. Anti-aging products which contain loads of antioxidants and minerals will help correct the problem faster than other products.

    Q4. Which kind of products should I use for maximum anti-aging benefits?

    Ans. The Vine Vera range of products is loaded with Resveratrol which is an ingredient found in the skin of red grapes and also in red wine. It has been scientifically proven to reverse the signs of aging and make you look young once again. Also look for products containing antioxidants as they alter the speed at which photo damage takes place and gives way to fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. The skin will start becoming lustreless if you do not use the right products at the right time. You must ensure that the skin care product you use suits your skin type completely.


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