• Incredibly Amazing Ways Of Spending Quality Time In Houston

    Man Posing Hiking

    Houston is a great location in the US. Moreover, its proximity to Mexico has a great effect on the culinary scene here. However, when it comes to exploring the uncharted territories, people here seem to be reluctant to do say. However, the locals need to shed their inhibition that binds them in order to explore incredibly amazing ways of spending time in Houston.

    Pena’s Donut Heaven

    Pena’s Donut Heaven is an unmistakable spot that came up with its own unique version of cronut. Moreover, the Killen’s Barbecue served here is equally enthralling. So, one needs to hit this spot in order to get taste of such innovative and sumptuous dishes including bacon cheeseburgers that come along with glazed donut buns. Moreover, there are also these attractive and mind-boggling hot dogs that are done in ‘chimichanga style.’

    Explore The Rocketships

    Another way of getting unique experience in Houston is by visiting the full-scale version of Space Shuttle here.  One could get access to world’s largest rocket ever built, and also get to know about space simulations, Astronaut food, etc. in the Mission Control Room.

    Play In The Sand

    Playing in the sand beside the huge expanse of vast ocean always provides a breathtaking feeling. So, one could head towards the beaches and utilize their time in the best possible manner.

    Taste Dim Sum

    Dim Sum is a special Hong Kong dish that is done to perfection at various restaurants in Chinatown. So, one could head towards the Chinatown and experience the thrill of tasting this incredible dish. Decidedly the best spot to eat here is Fung’s Kitchen since they are known to use fresh seafood that they fetch from their completely fresh in-house aquarium.

    Other Options At Chinatown

    Apart from Dim Sum, there is a whole range of scintillating dishes that one could taste at Chinatown. For instance, one could get to taste genuine and authentic taste of Asian dishes here. The dishes that one could taste are huge in number including Vietnamese-style beef, Malaysian-style fish that is flawlessly wrapped inside banana leaf, Cantonese fried rice, and above all the delicious rolled ice cream.

    Visit Lakes

    There is a dazzling array of stimulating lakes in Houston that offer completely mesmerizing and invigorating experience. A person could simply hire the boats as well and sail amidst the tranquil water of the lakes. Lake Conroe and Clear Lake are two great lakes of Houston.

    Go Hiking

    There is no dearth of spots in Houston where one could go hiking. The best part is that these hiking trails are suitable for people of all the abilities. Some of the excellent hiking spots in Houston are Sam Houston National Forest, Galveston Island State Park, and Stephen Austin Park to name a few.

    Attend A Concert

    Houston is a great mix of Mexican and American culture; so, one could always regale themselves with scintillating musical performances that are held at various locations. And, the best of these is in the Woodlands. So, people could simply visit the spot in order to see their favourite artists performing in the concert. They not only get entertained by are also elevated to the next level because of such spectacular and inspiring performances.

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