• Houston’s Topmost Restaurants That Are Sure To Tempt The Most Jaded Palate

    View Of An Restaurant

    Houston is a favourite holidaying destination for the people in US as they come here to witness the glimpses of Mexican influences here in all the things, including the art, culture, and the food. The culinary scene of the place is equally invigorating as it has some top-class restaurants that serve most delicious and appetizing food to the diners. So, here is a list of such top-quality restaurants in Houston whose food is sure to tempt even the most jaded palate.

    Revival Market

    Revival Market is called so because it used to be a food market, however, the place has now turned into a restaurant. Moreover, the place excels in providing quality food to the diners. Among its popular foods is the charcuteria plate that is completely flawless and done to perfection.


    Underbelly has excelled itself in providing Houston flavours to the diners. Moreover, the prosciutto served here is prepared from Texas pigs and the quality of prosciutto is unparalleled. Among the various dishes on the menu of the restaurant are the Crispy Ham Hock, Okra, Grit Cake, Korean Braised Dumplings and Goat, to name a few.

    Prohibition Supperclub

    Prohibition has carved a niche for itself when it comes to providing the faultless fried chicken to the customers. The fried chicken here is prepared using organic and local Amish chicken, and is smothered with spices. Moreover, the chef here, Ben McPherson has a vast experience and is really creative. Moreover, the strategic location of the restaurant in Downtown along with the amazing assortment of drinks that it has makes it a completely crazy spot for the visitors.

    Specs Downtown

    Specs Downtown can offer great feasting experience combined with the wide variety of beverages that it has to offer. There is a grocery store here along with a stacked deli that supplies the best accompaniments to the beverages.

    Killen’s Barbecue

    Killen’s Barbecue is one of those locations where people are willing to spare their crucial hours in order to get a chance to dine in the place. They are queued up for as much as two hours or so in order to get into this place and experience the best culinary delights. The restaurant has never failed to meet the expectations of the visitors as well since it serves the top-quality flawless food to the people.


    Coltivare is an Italian eatery that is steered by the chefs from the Revival Market who have plenty of experience in providing the best culinary experience to the expectant diners. The place never disappoints the visitors.


    Oxheart is an unassumingly small restaurant but the paradoxical thing is that the place is always teeming with tourists. People can’t hold their temptation to go and dine inside and that is the reason the place always has full bookings. The menu of the restaurant revolves around the vegetable dishes. However, the possibility of meat dishes is not at all ruled out as one could find a number of dishes containing meat.

    Pax Americana

    Pax Americana is one of those places that excel in providing the modern American dining experience to its diners. So, one would locate all sorts of twisted dishes here that are not only intriguing but delectable as well.

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