• Houston’s Topmost Attractions That Never Fail To Amaze Kids

    View Of Zoo

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    Visit to Houston can be really exhilarating as one could locate so many places that have so many attractions for the kids. Kids feel really happy being here since they could really set themselves lose and enjoy the fun and frolics here. The kids revel in the freedom that they get here as they experience the thrill of visiting various attractions that are meant exclusively for them it seems. So, some of the topmost attractions for kids in Houston are listed here.

    Downtown Museum

    Downtown museum offers a refreshing experience as one goes past the rainforest, shipwreck, Louisiana swamp, and the sunken temple to witness around 200 varieties of exotic aquatic life. Moreover, the music playing in the background along with the mood lighting makes the experience wholesome and unforgettable. One could even locate a white tiger in the aquarium here, which is a unique and one-of-its-kind experience.

    Art Car Museum

    Art Car Museum attracts the kids for it has the collection of beautifully crafted art cars that are the creations of talented national and local artists. It is a favourite spot for the car lovers to visit.

    Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo

    This event is internationally renowned and offers one the best time of their life. One could witness the thrilling atmosphere here while sitting amidst 75000 odd spectators cheering up while watching the intense and exhilarating competitions including the bareback rodeo, steer wrestling, chuck wagon, barrel racing, half scramble, and not to forget ‘mutton busting’ that is popular among the kids as it has the young children who try to hold on to the back of the sheep that is running at full speed.

    Houston Zoo

    Houston Zoo is a huge zoo housing 6000 or so animals including a great variety of chimpanzees, giraffes, bears, to name a few. It is good to go along with kids as there are plenty of shaded paths along with the shady picnic tablets. The place is always teeming with people, especially the children.

    Lakewood Church

    Well, it is not a bad option to choose while being with kids as they do get motivated and get some positive vibes when 40,000 plus attendees show their devotion and attend the sermons of none other than Pastor Joel Osteen. This experience can be really elevating for the kids.

    Kemah Boardwalk

    Kemah Boardwalk is one of the most favourite and inarguably one of the topmost boardwalks in the US. It is towards the southeast of the city and is open to the public throughout the year. The amusement rides attract the children as soon as they enter the place. One could go for buying passes that allow one to take all the rides, and it is quite cheap as well. There is the daring ‘The Boardwalk Bullet’ that tests the mental stamina of the children as well as the parents. Kids love the ‘Drop Zone’ as they want to go there again and again.

    Children’s Museum Of Houston

    It is always among the top rated museums for children, and rightly so, as the kids never have a minute of boredom as they continuously enjoy the interactive activities and exhibits here. The museum excels in teaching complex topics to students in a very fun manner.

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