• Houston’s Top Class Restaurants Serving Flawlessly Prepared Sushi

    View Of Prepared Sishi

    Houston enjoys the advantage of having the strategic location next to the ‘Gulf’, which incites the restaurateurs to exploit the option of providing seafood to the diners. However, everyone seems to be harbouring on the same idea it seems as the place is inundated with a number of spots offering seafood, especially the sushis. However, still, there are some spots that could be straightaway demarcated from the rest, as they excel in providing top-quality sushi to the people. Some of these restaurants in Houston that serve flawlessly prepared sushi are included here.


    Uchi in Montrose enjoys a roaring popularity among the public for they are greeted with some modern and ingenuous variety of sushi here. So, there is no traditional variety of sushi, as one is greeted with some novel cuts of sashimi and sushi, along with completely different adornments. There are other sorts of dexterously prepared dishes as well including smoky machi cure, foie nigir, and katsu pork belly delicious makimono, to name but a few.

    Kata Robata

    Kata Robata has become absurdly popular among the public, thanks to the painstaking efforts of the chef Manabu Horiuchi, popularly known as Hori-san. The chef here doesn’t only endeavour to present the flawlessly done sushi but also rivets his attention to the way rice gets prepared here, which is to be served along with sushi. So, the temperature and flavour of the rice is adjusted to perfection. His painstaking endeavour is exhibited in the way each bite of each dish simply exhibits perfection of style and taste.

    MF Sushi

    MF Sushi has come to be regarded among the best Japanese restaurants in Houston, thanks to the efforts of the chef Chris Kinjo. The sushi bar consisting of 12 seats is always full, and the people are always waiting in queue to get the taste of well-done delicacies by Chris Kinjo.


    Izakaya-Wa has just been opened for a year now, but the place always witnesses a great rush of people. The credit definitely goes to the veteran chef Hajime Kobokawa who shows his ingenuity in producing perfectly cut fish to the diners. In fact, one gets to choose from nine different selection of sushis, along with well-vinegard scrumptious sticky rice.


    Chef  Adison Lee is giving a hard time to the other stalwarts in the town by offering people with impressively tender sashimi and sushi. He has, in fact, done his bit in elevating the standard of the culinary scene in Houston and reaching all new levels of excellence. The cuts are simply exquisite and exhibit the ingenuity and dexterity of the chef.

    Sushi Miyagi

    Sushi Miyagi is an unpretentious spot in a strip mall in Chinatown; but, the location of the restaurant doesn’t affect is quality for sure, since the chef Miyagi has got some incredibly amazing skills. Just a meagre look at the exquisite cuts of usu-zukuri would will one with awe and wonder.


    Nippon has been serving the people of Houston for over 25 years now, and has endeavoured hard to provide incredibly authentic taste. It is an unassuming spot in the Museum District, but it does have a whopping number of return diners who simply couldn’t hold their temptation of munching the best prepared sushi and other seafood in the town.

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