• Houston’s Stunningly Beautiful Trails Offering Incredibly Rejuvenating Experience

    View Of Memorial Park

    While Houston is less known for its aesthetically appealing and breathtaking views, still, there are plenty of stunningly beautiful trails in Houston that can prove completely rejuvenating. These trails are not only beautiful but they also offer great physical exercise to the adventure loving people. There are all sorts of trails, from moderate to steep; so, one could traverse any of these trails according to their ability. Some of these stunning trails in Houston are included here.

    Memorial Park

    Memorial Park was originally named ‘The Seymour Lieberman Exer-Trail’ and is suitable for hiking for all sorts of people, namely adventure loving people looking for steep and challenging hikes, and casual runners yearning for a moderate hike. The park is lined by entrancing oak trees that offer fresh oxygen to the runners.

    Buffalo Bayou Park

    Buffalo Bayou Park is an urban park spread in 160 acres. The pedestrian bridges are eye-catching, and there are amazing fountains, cool art installations, and trickling waterfalls all along the trail. The trail looks equally entrancing at night as it is illuminated by novel lunar-cycle system of lighting that is designed by the famous artist Stephen Korns.

    Buffalo Bend Nature Park

    Buffalo Bend Nature Park is located on Buffalo Bayou’s eastern trailhead, and has been transformed completely. Strangely, the place used to be an industrial area earlier, but, with strenuous efforts of authorities it got declared as Wildlife Conservation Park in 2009. And, after great overhaul it got opened to public in 2016. The place is now adorned with rock walls, wetland plants, winding bike and hike trails. People are straightaway mesmerized by the serenity of the place.

    Rice University Loop

    Rice University Loop trail is a must-to-traverse trail for art lovers, since this 2.92 mile loop is full of gorgeous buildings, ivy-covered homes, and incredible architecture. Moreover, there are the gigantic oak trees offering much sought after respite from sweltering weather in summers.

    Hermann Park

    Hermann Park spans across staggering 445 acre area, and is one of the cherished possessions of Houston. The Park is home to Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston Zoo, Japanese Centennial Gardens, and the enchanting Marvin Taylor Jogging Trail, which is loved by the joggers. The joggers also love to discover the hidden bridges, lakes, and beautiful gardens while traversing the trail here.

    George Bush Park

    George Bush Park spans across 7800 acre towards the western side. There are numerous jogging trails that take one through bayous, ponds, forest, and stunning swamps. People feel completely refreshed after jogging here. This is the reason why this spot is always liked by the tourists who love to revel in their solitude, and commune with nature.

    Paul Carr Jogging Trail

    Paul Carr Jogging Trail makes one witness some of the incredible stately mansions, along with charming, old-fashioned Victorian styled homes. Moreover, there are a number of art installations as well all along the path.

    George Mitchell Nature Preserve

    George Mitchell Nature Preserve is a 2 mile trail up towards the north, right in ‘The Woodlands’, which span across 1700 acres. The jogging loop is bedecked with wildflowers as well as a forest, and offer great jogging experience. Moreover, there is also the trailhead called the ‘Flintridge Dr. Trailhead’, which is a perfect trail for bikers.

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