• Houston’s Finest Restaurants That Offer Yummy Breakfast Sandwiches

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    Over the years Houston has excelled in providing quality food to its inhabitants. The place has gained popularity among the tourists as well, as they are particularly attracted with the Mexican touch that they could see in Houston all over. So, here is a list of some of the finest restaurants in Houston that have carved a niche for themselves in providing the tourists and the locals with the delicious and mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches.

    Hugs And Donuts

    Hugs and Donunts in Heights is the foremost example of Houston amassing reverence from the tourists regarding the amazing breakfast options that it has. One is greeted with freshly fried and perfectly glazed donut buns that are stuffed with egg, bacon, and cheese.

    Les Ba’get Vietnamese Cafe

    Visitors are always stunned by this visibly unassuming cafe that serves amazing egg and ham croissant of Vietnamese fashion. The croissant is gargantuan and offers one complete delight as they munch butter packed pastry that is packed along with Vietnamese ham. Moreover, other ingredients also add to the taste of the croissant as truffle aioli, pate, and jalapeno, etc. are added as well.

    Max’s Wine Dive

    Max’s Wine Dive provides a fulfilling breakfast menu that includes a lot of options for the diners. Among them is the Fried Egg Sandwich that includes a great pile of delicious applewood bacon that is smoked and served with melted Gruyere, three eggs, a daub of truffle aioli, that are all enclosed in a buttery bread.

    Revival Market

    Revival Market in Heights has become a famous spot for munching breakfast. Among its various delicious delicacies is the Hot Chicken Honey Butter Biscuit. It is prepared from local honey and includes Memphis-styled chicken that is choked in sauce. It is served super hot and the popularity of the dish explains how fried chicken makes up a promising item in the breakfast menu.

    Lee’s Fried Chicken And Donuts

    One couldn’t resist the temptation of eating freshly fried chicken that is enclosed in equally fresh and glazing donut buns that are done to perfection by the chef Lee in this eatery. One could eat in the restaurant or take away and savour this luscious delight.


    Beaver’s is a hot spot for the tourists as they are mesmerized by the quality of dishes served here. The one item that stands out is the Bacon Omelette Biscuit that is actually a cheese omelette that is served along with fulsome quantity of bacon. Moreover, there is sausage as well that is smeared with cream gravy and chipotle honey.

    BB’s Cajun Cafe

    BB’s Cajun Cafe has brought back queso in the breakfast menu. It is served in genuine Leidenheimer loaf and other items that are included are bacon, scrambled eggs, and creamy and yummy BB’s sauce. All credit goes to BB’s Cajun Cafe for reviving the interest of the people in this almost obsolete breakfast option.

    Common Bond

    The breakfast sandwich at Common Bond in Montrose is a great breakfast option. A perfect yolky egg is perfectly mixed with a hunk of pork sausage, aioli, melted cheddar, and a fluffy and buttery sesame roll.

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