• Houston’s Exceptionally Attractive And Entrancing Monuments That Are A Treat To Watch

    View Of The Astrodome

    greeted with great Tex-Mex food here. However, apart from the incredible dining scene here there are some wonderful man-made monuments that entrance the visitors the moment they pay a visit to them. So, here is a list of some exceptional spots in Houston that are a treat to watch.

    The Astrodome

    The Astrodome enjoys the distinction of being first domed stadium in the world. Moreover, it was world’s first stadium that used artificial turf. If that was not enough, it has the record of being world’s first stadium that had the electronic scoreboard, which is called AstroLite. The building was built in 1964 with the help of a number of architects and structural engineers. The dome spans in 9.5 acre of the area and has 18 stories. However, currently the place is desolate as it got closed way back in 2008. Still, the authorities are considering about revamping the whole stadium now.

    The Waterworks Underground Cistern

    The Waterworks Underground Cistern dons an unassuming appearance since it is located underground. It spans on a mammoth area of 87,500 square feet and it is 25 feet tall. The authorities are constantly working to accord this place greater importance by converting it into splendid public art space.

    The San Jacinto Monument

    The San Jacinto Monument is a befitting tribute to the Battle of San Jacinto, which is the decisive battle that occurred during Texas Revolution. It reminds people of their struggle against the oppressive Mexican regime, and the struggle of the people that led to the formation of an independent country Texas, that further became part of the US. There are some interesting facts about the monument as it is world’s tallest monument column with height of 567.13ft.

    BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

    This stunning temple was built by the volunteers who took it upon themselves to devote themselves fully to the making of this epic temple in Stafford. Interestingly, it got built by assembling 33,000 pieces of beautiful Turkish limestone and hand-carved remarkable Italian marble. One interesting fact about is that it got built in just 16 months. One feels relaxed and rejuvenated as soon as they enter the premises as they witness amazing calmness inside. Moreover, the dazzling array of tableaux, paintings, and traditional craftwork inside the temple is a delight to watch. People are transformed to the other world as soon as they enter this mesmerizing place.

    Rothko Chapel

    This chapel got built by famed American artist called Mark Rothko, and is among the most revered places on the earth. Moreover, it got acknowledged by National Geographic Channel as being one of the ‘World’s Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations”. The octagonal brick structures adorn the building. The interiors of the place are exhilarating and overpowering as people are invariably driven to meditate upon their life and find the meaning of their life. There are eight movable benches here, along with fourteen gigantic dark canvasses. Apart from this, there is the spectacular Broken Obelisk that was dexterously prepared by Barnett Newman in the memory of famous leader of US Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

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