• Greatest Hikes In Houston Offering Completely Unforgettable Experience

    Woman Posing Hiking

    Houston has slowly been emerging as one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. And, one could get a glimpse of the hard work done by the authorities by understanding the efforts made by the authorities in developing and maintaining the trails here. In fact, the authorities in Houston are in the process of developing the largest network of hiking and biking trails in the US. So, one could imagine that beside the natural hikes in the proximity of Houston the place also has countless hikes in the city itself. So, here are some of the greatest hikes that one could explore while being in Houston.

    Memorial Park

    Memorial Park is also known as Terry Hershey Park, and the park is hugely popular among the people as it is one of the most easily accessible parks in Houston. The trails here span 12.5 mile and are different from the exercise path that one sees from the Memorial Drive. One crosses 10 bridges while traversing this trail. The natural environment of the place invariably leaves the tourists completely spellbound.

    Brazos Bend Park

    Brazos Bend Park always has something mysterious to offer to the adventure loving people. There are three main hikes here including Elm, Hale, and 40 acre, and each one of these hikes presents something unique and refreshing to the tourists. One could view the alligators from these trails as well. Besides, the foot trails takes one to the dense hardwood forest. So, one gets a chance to connect with nature here.

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Sam Houston National Forest is completely suitable for those hikers who are looking to embark upon longer hikes. The trail spreads in 129 mile and takes one through the forest. The trail is generally flat and one passes through some of the wet areas as well. Moreover, there are some bridges too that one could tread upon and avoid those marshy spots.

    Mercer Arboretum

    This great site in the vicinity of Bush International Airport has never failed to appeal the visitors. The garden is well-maintained and has well-marked entrances as well. Moreover, there are plenty of playgrounds and parking areas here. In fact, the gardens span 300 acres of area and have countless walking trails. The hikes are very easy, and this is the reason why people love to visit the spot. Besides, another great feature that appeals the visitors are the stunning picturesque views of the surroundings that one is able to get here.

    Davy Crockett National Forest

    This national forest is named after the famous personality Davy Crockett who was raised in the woods, and thus, boasted of knowing the name and variety of each and every tree. So, the forest intends to familiarize the people with the various varieties of species of plants and trees here. The park has a number of labyrinthine trails that never fail to appeal the visitors. One comes across hardwoods, tall pines, sloughs, bogs, and countless upland forests. Besides, the pick of the lot is the Walnut Creek campsite that has exactly five tent pads, and stands exactly at the midpoint of the trail.

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