• Extremely Amazing Places Kids Love To Visit In Houston

    View Of Galveston Island Pleasure Pier

    Houston has always been a great tourist spot, and the best part is that it has something to offer to people from all walks of life. The same holds for children as there is a dazzling array of spots in Houston that are loved by kids. Kids come here along with their family members often in order to revisit the earlier experience they had. Tourists too could take their kids at these spectacular locations. Some of the most frequently visited destinations are listed here.

    Houston Zoo

    Houston Zoo has always attracted a sea of humanity ever since it came into existence. The attractive part is that children are also attracted by a variety of features available in the zoo including chance to feed the animals here like giraffes, ability to meet the keepers in order to discuss with them about their experience of taking care of the animals, etc. Besides this, there are other attractive features as well including Water Play Park, Vet for a Day Program, and Sneak Peak Tours, to name a few.

    Children’s Museum Of Houston

    Children’s Museum of Houston is next in the line of the frequently visited destinations by kids. It has a variety of hands-on exhibits here which offer children a chance to experience things in a completely different manner. Besides, they have the chance to invent things and program robots as well. There are other attractive programs and features that allow kids to anchor the news, or run some business, or get elected as a mayor, or explore the latest nanotechnology. So, all these features make the spot a truly great destination to explore for tourists.

    Crocodile Encounter

    Crocodile Encounter gives visitors a chance to have a look at the Nile Crocodiles. Children get a chance to view these creatures from a closer distance. All in all, children feel exhilarated after visiting the spot.

    Brazos Bend State Park

    Brazos Bend State Park spans 5000 acre area and is just 40 miles away from the Downtown Houston. The best part about the park is the availability of a dazzling array of facilities including hiking, fishing, biking, camping, birding, and star-gazing. Besides this, there are some really insightful lessons explaining about the natural history of Texas. So, tourists could always have these guides tours and hikes in order to explore the park and benefit the most from it.

    Moody Gardens

    Moody Gardens is characterized by the iconic pyramids here. However, besides these three unmistakable pyramids there are other things that enhance the beauty of the spot including 4D and 3 D theatres, Palm Beach, Colonel Paddlewheel Boat, and the spectacular ‘Annual Festival Of Lights.’

    Galveston Island Pleasure Pier

    Galveston Island Pleasure Pier is great loved by adventure loving people since there is a dazzling array of rides over water that are offered here. In fact, it is one of the few places in the entire world that offer such amazing rides. One could find himself soaring over the great Gulf of Mexico even. In total, there are around 16 rides for people of different age groups, including the rides that are suitable for the children.

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