• A List Of The Best Pools In The Hotels In Houston

    Kids Jumping On The Pool

    People have different parameters to judge the facilities provided in the hotels, and thus rate the hotel accordingly. There is a faction who is mainly interested in knowing whether the hotel has pool facility in the first place, and then, whether the pool has that ‘cooling’ effect that the guests are looking for. Well, Houston has emerged as a major tourist destination for the people, as they are delighted by the Mexican influence here, which gets highlighted in the food they eat. Still, a number of people are always keen to learn about the hotels in Houston that have the best pools with the ultimate cooling effect. So, here is a list of some of these pools.

    Pool In Hotel ZaZa

    Whereas the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas dominates all the other hotels in the region when it comes to providing all sorts of wild antics; similarly, hotel Zaza in Houston provides such facilities to its visitors. It even offers the bungalow suit that is fitted with pool.

    Pool In Hotel Sorella

    The pool in hotel Sorella overlooking the Monnalisa Bar is a treat to be in, especially when the sun sets in. Though the pool is small in size but the water is really cold and refreshes the people in the pool. Moreover, the pool is spotless and offers amazing experience to the people. Moreover, the location of the pool is really attractive as it is on the 2nd floor from where people could have views of the plaza at the CityCentre, and at the same time they could enjoy the live music played by the bands with great reputation.

    Embassy Suites

    The Embassy Suites are in the downtown Houston and consist of 262 rooms. The pool is located at the rooftop, which offers the people with amazing views of the downtown. Moreover, there is an incredibly large space of 6,000 square feet meant for private events, which is an attraction for people.


    Westin is one of the best hotels in Houston as per the reports. It is connected directly to Memorial City Mall, which is a dynamic area in Houston. This automatically enhances the popularity of the hotel. However, it is the infinity pool on the 18th floor that further augments the beauty of the hotel, and offers its guests with the amazing facility of using the pool, and thereby witnessing the awesome and incredible views of the skyline of Houston.

    Four Seasons Hotel

    Then, there is the Four Seasons Hotel that has everything that a tourist is looking for. The rooms have been recently renovated, and there is a pool area that is based upon the style of the resort. The pool is located in the 4th floor and it is of saltwater. The surroundings of the pool including the palm trees make the dip in the pool really rejuvenating.

    Magnolia Hotel

    Well, for people seeking a break from the city life can come to this hotel as the views that it offers are of the countryside around it. The pool has really cool water, and people are all charged up after having a dip into it.

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